About Us


Perched high upon a hill in Ella, the purpose built Waterfalls Homestay, is a large open planned guesthouse designed to provide you with the best possible views of the local waterfall, surrounding jungle and wildlife.

At Waterfalls you can relax on the sundeck and watch giant squirrels perform amazing aerodynamic feats, be entertained by the highly amusing antics of the macaque’s as they play in their jungle garden or see if you can identify one of the many colourful birds, all this while sipping on a cup of delicious Sri Lankan up country tea!

Afterwards take a stroll along one of the many spectacular trails that wind through the beautiful hill country that Ella is famous for. When you return to Waterfalls, whet your appetite the fresh mountain air has given you by feasting on the local culinary delights either with Lanka at his wonderful new restaurant, or with our local Ella Good Neighbours  rice and curry buffet restaurant.


Let us introduce you to our wonderful team, all of whom we have known for more than 10
years, they are honest and reliable and much more like family than employees.

Please remember we are here to make your stay at Waterfalls Homestay
an enjoyable, comfortable and hassle free experience.


Joins us every morning to help with the breakfast. His English is great so please feel free to discuss any of your nutritional requirements with him. Raja is more then a breakfast help, he is indispensable to the smooth running of our guesthouse.


Our newest staff member and eldest daughter of Lanka is a delightful young girl responsible for your lovely clean rooms.


Our lovely Ayuvedic masseuse.
Chandy lives here in her own house on the property and is more then keen to offer you a wide range of massage options. She receives rave reviews!



You will see Krishnan quietly attending to his duties, looking after the “outside” spaces at Waterfalls Homestay. He is a quiet, unassuming and well mannered man and is a wonderful part of our team here.


We have managed to convince our eldest daughter to come and stay with us. She is proving to be a valuable asset, eager to please and always quick to smile makes her well liked by guests, staff and the local people of Ella.

Martin and Karen (us)

Both Martin and myself are here to ensure that you have a wonderful experience, not only at Waterfalls but in Ella and surrounds. We have been “locals” for more than 13 years and have a vast knowledge of the area and local customs. Please speak to us as we are most happy to pass this information and experience on to you.


 – We are at your service. –